Our lives are sometimes like trees,we often experience some seasonal changes in our personal lives. Like deciduous plants, there is a season the plants blossom and the leaves are green and bright, bearing fruits. While in the very same season certain  trees are shedding off  their leaves, they become  dull  but yet the trees  are still healthy, just awaiting their lively season to come. Their roots and every internal parts are healthy but yet they are dull and leafless.

Our lives or events in our lives are seasonal too. There comes a time when things are  easy  when you have answers for everything, life is a bliss and when you are able to get anything you want, whenever you want it. Then there is a time when nothing makes sense, when all is dull and gloomy, when the wind blows you from all directions. 1 plus 1 doesnt give you 2. When it feels like its you against the world. When no solution seems to work. When your progress seems to be on hold. Yet you are still standing.

When you are faced with challenges or battles to fight, that doesnt make you less of a person or an inferior being. Challenges mean that you are growing, you need to shed off some leaves and let the wind break some of your branches so that you can grow new healthier and fresher ones.

Dont despise or curse your challenges, they are part of your life story, the story that will uplift, inspire, motivate and encourage someone later in life.

Whatever you are going through now, its just seasonal, it will pass and leave you strong.

Have a blessed day…



Another analogy about trees, there can be a very strong wind that may even threaten its life, blowing the tree from all directions, most branches get broken down, BUT the stem and roots still remain.